A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

  Dr. Bill Curtain is a well known psychiatrist. One day he wakes up to a mystery..  His wife is missing. Join Bill in his journey to find out  what happened to his wife.

Art& Design-Music-Story: Fakedattorney

QAs: BlueGold56, Micoddan

Made with Renpy

*Contains 18+ content and violence*

Install instructions

Compatible with iOS, Windows and Linux. Download the game and unzip it. Then run the .exe.


HiddenReality-1.0-mac.zip 26 MB
HiddenReality-1.0-pc.zip 41 MB


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Felt like it could have more endings, but that's also just my jam in video games. Could have been longer too but I still enjoyed it.

Thank you for your suggestions. I am considering making a part 2 which will be longer and has more endings. Glad you enjoyed it.


I had a wonderful time in this game. I was able to laugh at a few absurdities while remaining curious about the mysteriously horrific narrative the game presents. The music set a tone of tension which kept my focus on the decisions, while the choices themselves were a bit extreme. However, all of this aside, I do understand and feel for the underlying meaning of this game, that is schizophrenia is a serious and heavy illness. I won't spoil the game, but the mental illness itself has the symptoms of creating false perceptions of reality such as hearing noises or voices which are nonexistent.  Truly after the good laugh or two I had at this game, it leaves me feeling deeply for the loss of life at the end. It is a wonderful game and story altogether, quite unique and well-timed in its arrangement. I loved the cruelty and realism this game brings to life. Although this is just a computer game, it has some really dark imagery which sheds light on subjects we rather like to hide from the public eye. Perhaps the unnerving nature of darker topics make them all the more gut-wrenching when they arise, due to them being long ignored. This was certainly a wonderfully dark game with some serious subject matter, all the same, everyone should experience this awesome twisted tale. I hope to see more!


Glad you liked it. Thank you! It is my first indie game that I built just by myself so your kind words mean a lot. *Next part is spoilers*:

Every choice you make you get new clues of how, when and why it happened. If you choose to lie to the cops you find out about his wife was cheating on him. The truth is actually his lies and his lies are the truth. In every choice a new set of events are shown and with those we live another week of his confessions.


I'm looking forward to playing this game. I've always been into murder mysteries and mystic ambiance. Black background and white lines offer a dark yet luring time. 

Thank you! :)